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Looking for tree management in Gloucestershire?

Based in the Forest of Dean, Wye Country Services delivers a comprehensive range of expert arboriculture and countryside services for domestic and commercial customers throughout the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Gwent.

As tree surgeons in the Monmouthshire area and experts in the maintenance of hedges and land, we help you protect the environment in which we live and work. We have various tree surgeon relevant NPTC credentials including chainsaw maintenance, aerial tree pruning, felling and processing trees over 380mm, safe use of wood chipper and emergency first aid work.


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Wye Country offer a range of arboricultural services ranging including tree surgeon work and tree management services to contracted maintenance. You can view our core services below.

At Wye Country Services, we understand the importance of well-maintained trees and green spaces.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. That’s why all of our tree surgery services are carried out in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring minimal disruption to local ecosystems while maintaining the health and safety of your property. Whether you need a single tree removed or require ongoing maintenance for your entire site, we’re here to help.

In addition to our core arboriculture services, we also offer a range of countryside management solutions. From hedge trimming to habitat boxes or pond installation, our skilled team will work with you every step of the way to create bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

So if you’re searching for ‘local tree surgeons near me’, look no further than Wye Country. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote and for more information on how we can help transform your outdoor space.


We are proud to be trusted in the local community and pride ourselves on our service and professionalism. Take a look at some of our more recent tree surgeon projects in Monmouthshire!

Wye Country Services’ portfolio highlights the quality of workmanship and attention to detail in every project we undertake. Get a glimpse into the range of services we offer, the quality of our work, and our expertise in handling complex projects.

Why choose Wye Country?

Fully insured and qualified: Monmouthshire's team of fully insured and skilled tree surgeons is dedicated to delivering top-notch services. This means you can trust us to carry out any Monmouth tree surgery project safely, efficiently, and professionally.

Domestic and commercial expertise: We provide various solutions catering to each customer’s unique requirements. Whether you need help with tree removal, pruning, or maintenance for your residential property or commercial establishment, our experienced professionals can handle it all.

No-obligation quote: We’ll assess your needs and provide you with an accurate estimate of the time and cost involved in completing your project. With Wye Country, there are no hidden fees or surprises—just honest, reliable service from start to finish.

Hedge Cutting and a Country House


Hedge Pruning


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  • A first rate service from Paul and Steve. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any tree planting, pruning, hedge cutting, tree felling etc. They offer a very comprehensive and professional service: prompt to arrive, speedy and tidy.

    First Rate Service

  • I’ve used these guys several times for fairly major forestry and wildlife habitat work. They’re the best I’ve ever found: fantastic knowledge and great work ethic. More than just a tree surgery team they are a pleasure to work with!

    Highly Expert and Skilled Team – highly recommended

  • Paul at Wye Country Services removed a large eucalyptus tree for me. Found him to be very professional, good communication and top rate customer service. Booked job in quickly, arrived promptly and left my garden neat and tidy. Would definitely recommend. A++ From: Julie, Forest of Dean – Aug 2018

    Tree Removal

  • We have a wooded property and had problems with several large fallen trees, one huge Oak in particular. Paul has been amazing, and very helpful we have had him come several times for different issues. Very efficient, helpful, quick, thorough, reasonably priced and also great fun !
    We had been looking for a good tree surgeon for several years and finally are delighted to know we have found a great one!
    Highly recommended

    Fantastic Tree Surgeon!

  • Paul and his assistant spent a day here working on a steep, scrubby hillside. They felled a large ash and several smaller rubbish trees. The major task was removing one limb from a huge ash. This necessitated climbing and dismantling from the top down. It was a treat to watch a real expert carry out difficult, exacting work in a way that looked effortless. They did a superb job of clearing up the site afterwards. They then offered to do some additional work which I had been intending to do myself and which hadn’t been included in the original deal. I was hugely impressed by their skill and energy, their willingness to go the extra mile, their eagerness to ensure that I was completely happy with what they were doing and their general cheerfulness. It was a pleasure having them here and I recommend them without any reservation. And finally, I thought the service provided by Paul was excellent value for money.

    Highly professional, skilful, totally recommend.

  • Efficient, well equipped, neat and tidy afterwards. Responds promptly to calls and emails. Very pleasant and friendly workers. Strongly recommended.

    Tree pruning, felling, hedge cutting

  • Paul and co. took down a large beech tree which was very close to our house and had become dangerous (half had already blown down). The whole operation, including the reduction and making safe of the part that had already blown down, was managed with impressive skill and efficiency so that the tree (last two photographs above) fell exactly as required without damage to the house or to the trees in the adjoining hedge line. At all times Paul retains a cheerful disposition and is a great guy to have around. I cannot recommend him too highly.

    Large Tree Felling,Tree felling and clearing

  • Paul and his team provide a very professional, knowledgeable service.
    They are well organised, reliable, have a great work rate, excellent manner, and leave all the areas worked on very carefully cleared. Highly recommended.

    Fantastic service

  • Paul and his team clearly love what they do. They arrived with smiles and got the job done efficiently and professionally. Highly recommended.

    Great service

  • Had a couple of trees pollarded, and a few more chopped down. The work was excellent and they were great guys too.

    Pollarding and

  • We have had Paul and guys to take several trees down for us and we could not recommend them highly enough. Some of the trees have been in difficult situations but they have always ‘dispatched’ them safely, quickly and very neatly! Paul has a deep interest in all things natural and really knows his stuff. He is a hive of information on all subjects and you get much more than just your trees chopped down. Great prices, great service and great people.

    Tree work in Upper Redbrook

  • I needed some conifers cut down at the bottom of my garden so they could be hedged. The work was carried out efficiently and professionally. I found Paul to be very knowledgable regarding the trees and bushes in my garden and he gave me lots of advice.

    Tree work

  • Very impressed with standard of work, tree based perfectionism. At the finish of the works there was barely any saw dust left let alone any twigs or brash. Highly recommended.

    Recent works in Avonmouth and Sedbury

  • Paul pruned some trees to allow light in to the garden, did a great job, woild happily reccommend.

    Tree Pruning




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We understand that every project is bespoke. Get in touch using the options below and let's discuss your requirements.


  • How much does a website cost?

    While we would love to be able to give a definitive, fixed price for a website, it really depends on the specific needs for each individual business. If one business needs a website comprised of five pages, while another has a substantially larger site of over 100 pages - obviously those projects are going to command different price points.

    With that being said - here are some general guidelines on what to expect from a pricing standpoint.

    If you can get by with a small website (between 3 - 10 pages) using a pre-designed template, you can expect to pay approximately $2,500.00. A mid-sized website that has anywhere from 11 - 25 pages, but still uses a pre-made template, will be between $3,000.00 - $5,000.00. If you have a lot of pages, are looking for something completely custom, or are looking for something that has special functionality such as eCommerce, custom calculators, or integrations with other services, you may be looking at anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000.

    Ultimately, the takeaway here is that we can accommodate projects of just about any budget - so long as expectations are set accordingly.

  • Are there any monthly fees?

    This will vary depending on the type of project. For logo & branding projects, fees will be one-time costs. For website projects, we will typically charge a monthly fee, depending on the level of service you choose. To view a full list of our monthly packages, click here.

  • How much does a logo cost?

    Logo projects typically cost between $3,000 - $5000.

    "Why so much?" many people ask. To answer simply - because they require a lot of work. At least, to do them properly. And of all of the investments that you will make for your business, your logo & branding is one area where you don't want to skimp.

    In business, image is everything. And while your overall brand is based on far more than just your logo, a bad logo can create a strong first impression (for better or for worse).

    A properly designed logo requires hours of research, and hundreds of sketches and iterations. And with an increasing number of branded businesses in the world, doing research to verify that your mark is unique is a tedious yet necessary part of the process.

    With each logo project that we complete, we provide 3 - 5 unique logo concepts, a branding guide that details how to properly use the logo, several versions of the logo that are print-ready, and can be sent to any printer or publisher for easy use, detailed color schemes, typography & associated fonts, and design samples of your new logo.

    Click here to learn more about how we approach our logo projects, and why we believe that we are the top logo & branding agency in the area.

  • What separates Right Creative from other top design agencies in the area?

    Experience, quality, and results.

    Experience. We have been designing websites professional since the early days of the web - before CSS was mainstream, and people still used tables for their website layouts. In the 20+ years that we have been doing this, we have work with and learned from many of the top voices in several industries. To put it simply - there are very few people in the world, let alone the area that can top our years of experience.

    Quality At Right Creative, we hold an almost unrealistic standard for quality. We demand excellence in every project we take on, and firmly believe that the quality of our work demonstrates our commitment to these standards.

    Results More than anything else, our focus is, and will always be getting results for clients. We don't care how pretty something is - if it is not resulting in the growth or obtaining of goals for our clients, then it is not time or money well spent. Our mission is to turn visitors into paying customers - and every decision that we make is rooted in that mission.

    Other distinguishing features Some of the other things that separate Right Creative from other top-rated agencies are: we hand-code all of our websites for maximum results. We don't rely on WordPress, plugins, templates or themes to accomplish things, and are therefore not locked in to the limits they pose.

  • We're just starting out. How can we afford your services?

    We started this business from scratch, and know full-well how tight money can be when you are first starting out. We empathize with the struggles of new business owners, and therefore work diligently so that the new businesses that we work with succeed.

    The primary criteria we look for when working with new businesses is the seriousness of the business owner. While it is natural for a new business owner to be cautious with the money they spend - we do look for a commitment to growth. If you do not have a specific plan for how you intend to grow your business, then the reality is - you will probably never be in a good position to afford our services.

    With that said - if you are growth-minded, then we are happy to help you achieve that growth, and are willing to work with you to come up with a plan that fits within your budget and comfort level. Whether this is a smaller site, financing options, or a payment plan - we are confident that we can figure out something that will be mutually beneficial.

  • What is the difference between a pre-designed site and a custom site?

    The difference between pre-designed and custom sites is a lot like the difference between buying a home versus building a home.

    Pre-designed sites start with a website that has already been designed and coded. These sites will allow you to customize colors, fonts, photos, content, and your logo - but does not allow you to rearrange, reposition, or change the layout of the site. This option is great for newer businesses or businesses with a smaller budget. You not only get the benefit of a hand-coded, customized site, but you also benefit from a smaller price tag and faster turnaround time.

    Custom sites are built from scratch, exactly to your businesses needs. While custom sites often have a bigger price tag attached to them, they are also going to be more effective at converting your visitors into paying customers.

  • Can I make edits to my own website once it launches?

    Yes and no. With each client that we work with, we designate time to figure out what content clients will need to edit on a regular basis, and create tools to allow them to do that easily. For things such as news, articles, blogs, and portfolios, clients will have access to the Content Management System, and add/edit/delete those things as needed.

    For other areas of the site, we request that our clients trust us to make those edits, so to maintain the integrity of their website.

    It is very common for clients who have full control over their site to see it deteriorate after a while due to non-designers & non-developers adding content to the site using markup & styling that is not cohesive with the rest of the site. What results is a website filled with pages containing broken-looking content, and improperly formatted text.

    Because we care about the quality of our sites, the reputations of our clients, and the results that they see - we prefer to let our clients be the experts at what they do - and us to be the experts at what we do.