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A pond on your property is a fantastic thing. Encouraging wildlife into your garden and creating a focal point for you to enjoy. Whether you would like a pond or have a pond that needs some attention, we can help you.

Log Piles

A log pile can be such a great asset to your garden. Somewhere for insects to hide and toads and frogs to hibernate. Not to mention they can be very pleasing to the eye. If you do not currently own the logs, we are able to supply, or if we have completed some tree work for you, then we can cut and use your own logs.

Habitat Boxes

We install small bird boxes, owl boxes and falcon boxes. We also build nesting platforms for bigger birds of prey such as buzzards, red kites, goshawks, as well as bat, dormouse, bumble and bee boxes, and hedgehog houses. 

By installing a nesting box on to your property, you are providing a valuable home to some amazing wildlife. Not only does it give them a home, it should provide you with great enjoyment when the wildlife moves in.

Even though there are a lot of animal-specific boxes out there, you will undoubtedly get all sorts of wildlife using boxes that they were not intended for. This in itself can be a pleasant and unexpected surprise. We have had bats in owl boxes, bumblebees in bird boxes and mandarin ducks in metal pipes we put upright in the ground. 

If there is a power supply nearby, you could even have your very own nest box camera to watch all of the action inside! 

Tree Preservation Orders and Trees in Conservation Areas

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) protect certain trees by virtue of being situated in a wider conservation area. Any tree can become unsightly and invasive and may even be dangerous to both people and property, and so should be dealt with by a professional. However, if that tree is in a conservation area and protected by a TPO then the services of a skilled tree surgeon are required. Even if the tree is located on your own property, any work carried out without securing the necessary consents from the local authority could land you with fines and penalties. 

Professional and trusted conservation & TPO service for the communities of Monmouthshire & Gloucestershire.

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