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Crown reduction and thinning

We provide a number of highly skilled procedures to alter the height, density and spread of the crown of a tree. These works are often needed for health and safety purposes, or they may be necessary to preserve the appearance of a tree. Sometimes the work is needed to ensure the tree remains viable for its location.

In any case, you can rely on our team’s knowledge and skill to get the job done to the highest standards. We prioritise tree conservation in every scenario, and we provide our services primarily in Monmouthshire and the Forest of Dean. We will consider going further afield for some jobs.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is all about removing internal branches that are crossing, damaged, dead or rubbing within the crown of the tree. The general structure of the branches is left intact, but crown thinning results in an even density to allow better air flow and more light to pass though the tree.


The overall shape of the tree is maintained, but it is made healthier and more able to thrive. Its wind resistance is also lowered, which can be helpful in making a structurally weak tree more resilient.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of raising the canopy of a tree to a minimum height by cutting its lower branches right back to its trunk. It is needed when a tree has become overgrown to the point of causing problems at the ground level.

Once common scenario where this service is ordered is when clearance is needed for pedestrians or vehicles on roads or footpaths. We remove the lower branches to reduce the weight, causing them to lift up. This work is most suitable for younger trees to assist with their formative pruning. On more mature trees, the work will likely need to be repeated periodically as regrowth occurs.


Crown Reduction

It is not uncommon for trees to begin to outgrow their location, or to start dominating it to the detriment of other plant life. When this happens, we can carry out a crown reduction process to bring down the trees overall volume.

The work involves targeted pruning of the trees branches with the goal of reaching more manageable growth points throughout the canopy of the tree. When complete, the tree’s characteristic form is maintained, but the size of its crown is reduced to a more appropriate level.

One scenario where this service is requested is when tree canopies are beginning to encroach on overhead cables.


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