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Hedge Laying & Cutting

Hedgerow Planting

Putting in a new hedgerow is such a great idea, by doing so you are creating a home for all sorts of wildlife. This creates a safe corridor for wildlife to travel through and improves the safety of the animals on your property.

We always plant new hedges in a sustainable way which means that in 3 – 8 years we can return to lay in a traditional double brush style.

Hedgerow Maintenance

Regularly trimming your hedgerow is important to keep the growth nice and tight and prevent the hedge from getting too tall. We have many hedge cutters for cutting all types of hedgerow whether they are native board leaf hedges, conifer hedges, laurel, box, or privet hedges. All hedge work will need to be carried out before the start of the bird nesting season or after it has finished. The nesting season is usually February until the end of August, but this can vary from year-toyear. You can read more about our tree surgeon services here.


Hedge Laying

We complete a traditional double brushstyle of hedge laying. This means that both sides of the hedges will have growth and will protect the new shoots from grazing animals. 

If you have planted a new hedge it will probably be 3 – 7 years before it needs maintaining depending on where your hedge is and how much growth it has on it. 

Please note that we only lay native broadleaf hedges. 


Professional and trusted hedge laying & cutting service to the communities of Monmouthshire & Gloucestershire.

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