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Land Management

Grass Cutting and Strimming

We can cut all types of grass be it lawn grass to cutting pathways through your wildflower meadow. Strimming the edges to keep things nice and neat. 

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to remove the algae that grow on flagstones and paving slabs. If left untreated the algae can cause the slabs to become very slippery and dangerous, especially on outdoor steps and stairs. We can also freshen up garden furniture such as wooden or metal tables, benches and outdoor chairs.

Gutter Clearance

Gutter clearance is essential to ensure your gutters are working effectively. If you have gutters full of dead leaves or grass growing out of them, we will ensure they are completely cleared. We can also use our rope access knowledge to get into those difficult to reach places. We also offer tree surgeon services in the great Monmoutshire area.


If we cannot gain access with our ladders and ropes, then we can bring a mobile elevating work platform (cherry picker) to the site and this should allow us to reach any difficult to reach spot with ease.

Leaf Clearance

We live in a fantastic part of the country with so many beautiful trees. However, every year the deciduous trees drop all their leaves over our gardens and driveways. If left on the driveway they can become very slippery. We can clear and collect the leaves for you to use in your compost bins. We can also remove from the site if you have no use for them.

Driveway Clearance

A dark driveway covered in slippery moss is a hazard and can make access dangerous, especially if your driveway is on a slope.

We can clear the moss, look at improving your drainage and improve the light to prevent the moss from coming back. We do not use chemical moss killers.

Ground Clearance

We all have those areas of our property that don’t get as much attention as others. This is where brambles, nettles and other invasive plants creep in and get out of control.

We know the importance of leaving areas of our property to become wild creating areas of habitat for wildlife. We also know that sometimes you have other plans for that bit of land.

We can use our brush cutters, to reduce the offending plants to ground level making them easier to control. If they keep coming back we can discuss using a herbicide to destroy the plants permanently.


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