Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can often be an unsightly, obstructive, and even dangerous obstacle when left in your garden. Not only can a stump get in the way of lawnmowers and pose a potential trip hazard, but if left to rot they could harbour fungus, mould and other nasty pests that may infect other trees and plants nearby.

Stump grinding is possibly the easiest and most efficient way to have tree stumps removed from your garden or property. A specially-designed stump grinder is used to physically grind the leftover tree stump with the use of a powerful spinning blade.

Once the stump has been ground, any debris is then removed, and any sign that there was ever a tree there should be gone.

Stump grinders allow for direct treatment of the problem, without damaging anything else nearby. This allows targeted work to be done on tree stumps even when there is property, plants, or other valuable fixtures nearby. Contact us today to get a quote on tree surgeon services in the Mouthmonshire.

Root Removal

Especially if the tree is young, root removal is also possible to achieve with a stump grinder, and will allow for the complete removal of what remains of the tree. Tree roots don’t always stop growing as soon as a tree is felled, so removing the roots is a good way to way to make sure that anything nearby that requires conserving or protecting from tree roots is safe.

Another efficient method of root removal is to simply physically pull them or dig them out of the ground. Large roots from an older tree can take a decade or more to fully break down, and will often leave cavities in the ground as they do so, in some cases causing the ground above to slump. This is part of the reason why root removal is so important when it comes to fully removing a tree from your property.

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The qualified tree surgeons at Wye Country Services are professional arborists with a wealth of experience providing arboriculture and countryside services for both domestic and commercial customers. We mainly operate throughout the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Gwent, and are committed to helping to protect the environment in which we all live and work.

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